We may have our own heroes in life. It could be our bestfriend, family members, strangers, or even animals. Heroes are made by becoming selfless. Show that he/ she is concern for the welfare of others. But most heroes are made by saving lives. We can really see that a person is not only thinking for the betterment of himself but also for the others. My hero would be my father for just being a good father. There are many ways of becoming a hero, the only thing that these heroes have in common is that, they are never be forgotten.

That is why there are some festivals or fair that happens annually to celebrate these heroes. One of these is the San Diego Fair. This event is now popular that locals and also visitor are interested in attending. They feature all sorts of heroes including animals. But these are not just pure celebration of heroes. There are also some entertainment and music.

This is a really great fair. Just one way of remembering all those heroes doing their own selfless act of kindness.

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