Creeping in the Dark

Every night, I tend to go to bed at around 3 am. During those times, I am the only one left standing alive. The rest of my room mates are sleeping because they have to go to work early. Since they can’t sleep with the lights on, I agreed to turn off the lights while I’m still busy smashing my laptop.

We have two types of lights in our room. One is on the wall, like those in the Minka lighting and one on the ceiling. All of these lights are to be turned off when my room mates starts snoring. I have no problem when the lights are turned off because all I’m doing in the corner is to use my laptop. I don’t need lights to look at the keyboard because I’m one hell of a typist. hehe..

But the real problem lies when I’ll go out down the hallway to use the toilet. Its so dark that even looking for the switch is very hard to find. Going back to our room also seems to get harder as I’m having difficulty feeling the door knob. So watadid to fix these problems is to use my cellular phone. The luminance isn’t much but it can manage. My only problem now is to stay as quite as possible so that I can’t disturb the nice slumber of my room mates.

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