Imperfect Day

We were scheduled to conduct our Water Sampling this day. I will be assisting our plantation personnel in their conduct because there are lots of changes in our system compared to the ones they are used to before.

So first up, watadid was, me and our MMT Represented met. Then we proceed to our plantations. By the time we arrived, there were still some lacking materials that caused us some delays. Usually we can end the whole sampling in half a day. But this time was different. The revised system affected our momentum and so was our driver, who gets very late. All of those factors made our day living in the fast lane.

The cut-off time for the submission is 2 pm. Since we departed at our plantation 1 pm, things will surely become crazy. Watadid then was, I told the group that they will proceed to the second laboratory for the submission of sample. I’ll stay in the first laboratory to furnish all the documents. Then, I tried to catch up with the first group so that I can facilitate them to the second lab. Luckily, the first group arrived there on time and our sample was still encouraged.

But during the submission, the analyst told us that a single new parameter must be in a different container. Now thats really a big problem considering that I want this conduct to end and be perfect. But still, another thing blocks my path. So due to the series of unfortunate events, we will be conducting another water sampling tomorrow. Grr.. This day has been tiring and I hate it.

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  1. lis says:

    Vinks, na intriga lang ko..pero unya na nako isulti nimo..pwede nga ipakita ko nimo sa imong real picture..kanang ikaw ha?? basta I will tell you later why?..ok>..sige na ba…para minus ang karate..sige na ba? sugot na dayon para sulti-an ta dayon ka, kong nganong gustoko maka kita sa imong nawong..he he he he sige na ha kay nag uros uros na akong intriga…since last night

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