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Finally, Mom’s Car!!

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Finally, my mom’s friend got the chance to take a photo of our new car. Me and my brother always keep on reminding our mom to take photo of her car. But she also always keep on forgetting it.

Luckily, we were able to tell her close friend to help my mom take photo and upload it over the internet so we could see it. So just now, my mom called me and told me that they already uploaded it. The car was really good looking. Better be getting some insurance quotes on it before everything will be too late.

I can’t wait now to get my hands on the steering wheel of that car. It will be 2 weeks more then off I go to driving that baby.

Bling It

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

One of the popular car in my hometown is owner type jeep. When I’m still in grade school, jeep is the pride of the road that everyday, you’ll get to see one cruising.

So in order for the other owner to stand different among the rest, they must buy themselves some jeep accessories. It could be any type. Down to the tires and up to the roof. Anything that would help their jeep look unique.

My family at that time don’t have that quite enough money. So we didn’t get the chance to compete with this beautification.

Changing Minds

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

After office, I decided to take a break to watch movie because I am really tired of all the busy work in the office today. I plan on watching movie.

When I waited for the bus, I tried to book ticket in the cinema. It took me quite long time to book but in the end, for no reason at all, I just decided not to book my seat. Then as I waited for the bus which is quite a long time, I then decided to not go see a movie when the bus arrives.

So with the help of my ever changing mind, I’m stuck here in my room, doing nothing at all. Bored to death….

Lonesome Sickness

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

My cousin went back home after about 9 months of working in Riyadh. He say he can’t take it anymore. The place is just way too lonely that he everyday cries in lonesome.

I myself do feel homesick sometimes. But not like him though where he always felt bored during office hours and after office hours. I don’t know if what is the place he stays at. Maybe the place is a complete desert where there is nothing really to do. So now, my cousin will be staying in the Philippines for the meantime. I don’t know if he will still look for jobs in Philadelphia, or in any other country where he will feel not lonely.

Me on the other hand lived in a city filled with malls. But I still rarely be seen outside because the moment I stepped in those malls, then I’ll be spending my ass off. Its just too expensive to go out here. If there are sales, then people from all places in the country seem to also go inside the mall. I don’t like crowded places so I also don’t go out during major sales.

So with that, I still can’t reach to the point where I will go back and never to return again. Maybe its just the concept of sacrificing just for the benefit of others. That others for me is no other than my mom. This is just my own way of giving thanks to her after all that she have done to me. So here I am, busting my ass off from lonesome.

Unhealthy Diet

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Just now, I go out to buy me some Mcdonals. It’s been a long time since I had one so I wanted to try and eat those good old fatties.

The moment I bought it and on my way home, my mouth won’t stop to salivate. Well I guess its really that long since I’ve eaten those burgers. So as I finally get back, I’ve started eating while watching movies at the same time. But by the time I’ve finished, I start to feel odd. Too lazy to do something. Maybe this cholesterol are starting to kick in.

Oh well, this happens. That’s why I occasionally eat these garbage. It’s just way too unhealthy to be eaten in a daily basis.

Longing for a Vacation

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

All there is really to my mind right now is thinking about vacation. Orlando vacation, Japan vacation, Europe vacation and all other place. But right now, the only place that I really want is just back home.

Next month I will be scheduled to go back home. My boss let me go for 3 weeks. I think that would be enough to hill my homesickness. My mom already planned on places where we can go. It’s just up to me to take care of the expenses.

With that in mind, I start to think if I can still be able to do all those plans. Because to tell the truth, I only got a 4 digit money left in my wallet. I’m just really relying on to the bonus and next month salary for my pocket money. Hoping all those will be enough.

She’s A Weight Consious

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

My friend has been too conscious now about her weight. Ever since the start to Christmas holiday, she told me that she’s been eating like there’s no tomorrow. Then one day, she compared her photo from past to present. Her cheeks get bigger and her bone figure starts to fade away. Being replace by those good old fats.

Now she’s starting some diets for quick weight loss. She don’t want to let me see her all bloated when I get back next month. Hmm but I’m not sure if she will really loose weight by the end of the month. I’m pretty sure that she’s still on the verge of eating frenzy. Lets just wait and see..

Mom’s Birthday!!

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Tomorrow will be my mom’s original birthday. But she moved it to 22 since our good old NSO made their popular mistake again. So instead of changing the records from the NSO, my mom just changed it to the next day just to get rid of all the hassle.

But me and my brother still greet my mom on 21 and on 22. Even though my mom threw her party on the 22nd. It’s just sad that me and my brother can’t be with my mom on her 55th birthday. But we all understand why we can’t be together. I’ll just give my mom a call then everything should be all right.

Blogging Starts…

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

A lot of my friends are getting fond of blogging. Its a great way to spend time and some could earn some money. So if they are willing to do so, I’m also willing to help them as well.

The thing about blogging is it’s only difficult on the first three months of your blog. Registering your blog to web directory to increase traffic and so on. Then after you’ve established well your blog for the first three months, then every thing should be cruising after that.

So it’s really up to them on that point in time. Just a little hard work will earn you big time.

Double Feeder

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Every time I finished work, I then go to the market to eat my dinner. I don’t want to eat in the market near our house because I don’t like the way they cook. So I’m forced to eat early even if I’m not that hungry at all.

But when I arrive in our house, the scent is already smelling good as I open the door. Then when I saw the dining table, people are eating. Then one aunty told me to eat with them because it’s her birthday today. So I greeted here happy birthday and never told them that I’ve eaten already. I just went straight to the kitchen and grabbing those free food.

I just took enough because I’m already full. Then now I’m bloated because of these two time meal.