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Mom’s Proposal

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

As me and my talked about my job here in Singapore, she opened about a looking for another job. She suggest that I’ll ask my friend who is currently working in a big company to inform me for any job vacancies. She said that I’ll accept any job offered whether if its in operation or in admin careers.

But she doesn’t mean to look for the job right away. That is actually my plan. To look for another job and let my price increase along the way. Because some say that its better that way rather than wait for salary increase. But I’m not really in to that right now. I’m still enjoying my current work.

Watching Movies

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Watadid earlier was I planned on watching a movie in the entertainment room. I want to use the LCD TV and the sound system to have the great experience. So I’ve worked out my electronic magic and connect the wires to its specific sockets.

The sound system is perfect but I’m having problem with the quality in the TV. I’m not sure what’s the problem because the resolution will change when I transfer the output to the LCD TV. But I think I’m not using the right cable. I should be using the HDMI cable so that quality in my notebook will be the same in the TV.

So instead of watching the whole movie, I just stopped the whole thing and watched the TV instead. I don’t really like watching a movie with low quality so..

Another Cellphone

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Watadid earlier was, we had our chat with my mom. There were a lot of things that were discussed. One of which was talking about her cellphone that was bought here in Singapore. That was when she had a visit here last December.

She told me that she was not using her cellphone anymore. She don’t like the color of the cellphone. But what I think was she really doesn’t know how to use it. There’s no smart boys around there anymore to teach her how to use her cellphone. So now, the new cellphone was just sitting there in her drawer. She told me that she will just let me use the cellphone. Once she will have another chance to visit me here, she will give me the phone and she will buy another one if there will be another sale.

But I’m not really planning on accepting that phone. What I’ll do is that, when she visits me here, I will teach her everything about the phone. Then hopefully, when she knows everything, she will get a hold of that phone.


Monday, February 23rd, 2009

No matter how I plan to go out in the mall, I always end up staying at home. This afternoon, after church, I went in a mall to have my lunch. Then after, stroll around inside the mall to pass out some time. Hoping that I can stay inside the mall until 5 pm. But I just can’t. After a single round on all the floors, I just don’t have anything to do. So watadid, I went home at 1:30 instead of 5 pm. I just don’t know where to spend my time anymore. Ahh pure homeboy at its best.

Do I Need New Hobbies??

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Do I need new hobbies? Because the only thing that’s keeping me alive and occupied nowadays is only be playing video games, listening to music and watching movies. Some of my friends invited me on a badminton game. But for the 24 years living in this world, I only played badminton once. And that was on a street.

Other friends of mine invited me on a basketball game. I love playing basketball though. I used to play it when I was in High School. But High School is far more different than today. Back then, I can ran across the court a hundred times and still be able to breath. Now, ten runs then I’m gasping for some oxygen.

So what would be a good hobby for me. I’m gonna pass for the sports though because I’m not already fit for it. Pets.. hmm pets.. I could use a horse.. But a friend of my brother once said that horse supplies are expensive. I don’t have the budget for any expensive so.. what what what. I don’t really have an idea. Maybe I’ll go stick with my current ones and try to expand the scope through trying different genres.. hmm

I’m Sleepy??

Friday, February 20th, 2009

I shouldn’t be sleepy now. Its still 1 am. I can’t be sleepy. I just slept for 9 hours yesterday. How in the world am I sleepy today. Hmm

Maybe I’m just bored of doing nothing at all. I used to stay awake until 4 am. But that was when I’m doing something I like. Playing video games or watching a movie. But now, I don’t really feel like watching a movie because I just did that an hour later. Also considering that I’ve already watched 3 movies this day. So I’m not really in a mood for another movie.

I’m not in a mood for playing video game as well because I don’t have someone to play with. I love playing Warcraft DotA. But that would only be fun if you have someone to play it with. I have a map that has an AI on it. But duh.. AIs are dumb.

Now maybe thats the reason why I’m sleepy. Its not that I’m tired or lacked some sleep. Its simply because, I’m bored.

My Surviving Mom

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Since me and my brother started working in abroad, my mom has been alone there in Philippines managing her own car. Well not actually alone. We have some family friends together with her now in the house. But when it comes to car maintenance, she is actually alone.

When we were still there, when she was having car problem, she will just call either me or my brother to help her out. She has to do that because she doesn’t have any idea how to fix car problems. She don’t even know how to open her engine hood. When she had a flat tire, she don’t know how to work out the car lifts. So what she’ve done in cases like that is call my uncle.

So she must really rely on someone else just to get her out of trouble. It would have been better I think if we left teaching our mom about car stuffs. But that would have been a bad idea because we don’t like our mom to be a mechanic on the middle of the road by herself trying to fix the wheel, right?? :)

A Boring Day

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Ahh.. another boring Saturday. I just stayed here in our condo, watching movies and doing whatsoever. I planned on going out though but my friend texted me telling that there will be someone coming over the condo.

So I’ve waited for the guy but he never showed up. That made me stuck in condo doing nothing at all. But half of me thought that its a good idea that I stayed home. Because I’m in a tight budget this month because of all the holidays last month.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll also go straight home after going to the church. I already prepared enough food for tomorrow so no need to go to the mall to eat. I still also have a lot of food in the frige, so no need to do some groceries.

Ready to Prepare a Lovely Dinner

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Now that I transfered a new room, I was forced to cook for myself. I asked my mom everything there is to know about cooking. Back then in the Philippines, I haven’t cooked a single meal. But now, I have cooked almost 10 meals already. Yesterday, watadid was I cooked veggies. The chopping part is horrible, while the cooking part were the exciting moments. I kept on tasting my cooking trying to figure out what’s missing. Then when I finally tasted the spark, voila!!

Compared to mom’s cooking, mine is just 95%. The taste isn’t really that perfect but the meal is okay for me. Then when my housemate tasted the meal, he enjoyed it and cleaned up the whole plate. He said that I can cook real good. Then vinkoyTHEcook was ever still so humble just replied, “nahh that’s just my first time cooking the meal”.

Now, I’m ready to treat those lucky girls a lovely dinner with a votive candle holders on the table. A perfect, lovely and romantic dinner with the ever greatest Cook in the whole wide world.. :) haha

End of Dark-Out Dark-In

Monday, February 9th, 2009

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For the past couple of weeks, I have been waking up at 6 am then get out at 7 am. Now 7 am here in Singapore is still dark. Unlike what I’ve used to back in the Philippines. Then when I return from the office, mostly I arrive at 7:30 which is the start of turning the day into night. So for the past couple of weeks, I have been getting out in the house dark, and coming back in dark.

But this day is different. I still went out dark but when I went back, the sun is still shining. Watadid was I expend more on my way home. After the mass, I immediately rode a bus going to the MRT station for 5 minutes. Usually I wait for the 1 bus going to my place. That would take 30 minutes all-in-all. Then when I arrive at the MRT station, I took the train going to our place. That took me 10 minutes travel. So, from that alone, I save 15 minutes worth of my SGD 1.00.

So you tell me, is SGD 1.00 worth it for a 15 minute savings of time? :)