Photoshop Student

February 14th, 2012

Hello guys! It’s good to be back.

Well, apart from my office work, I am now pursuing to learn more about Photoshop. Yes, yes, yes. I am doing this because I want to edit our own wedding pictures. Isn’t it great? Well other would say it is quite exhausting, but for me aside from making our pictures great I am also learning a different skill. I know it is difficult to learn the new trick, but I know my patience will lead me to reach what I want. For now, I would like to give you shortcut keys that I am using in editing pictures and here they are:

Ctrl+L To adjust the color levels

Ctrl+B Used to adjust the Color and Tone balance

Ctrl+U Used to adjust the Hue/Saturation

Ctrl+M Used to adjust the Color Levels

Ctrl+I Used to Invert


Born Compassionate

November 21st, 2011

Filipinos are known to be compassionate. We are very merciful in a way that sometimes we are also called confusing. We complain on things we do not like, but in a minute especially if the person we hate faces health problems, we change immediately. In fact, during reality contest, sometimes we forgot that we need to choose talented individuals who are really qualified in a talent search, but sometimes being merciful cannot be avoided so we chose those who need financial assistance forgetting the real essence of the show. We love to play being the underdog and follow the same way even if what we fight for is different.

In today’s situation, seeing our former President Arroyo suffers an ailment, we forgot that she needs to pay for the things she has done. Some people now are grumbling about unfairness, but we forgot how many lives she had sacrificed just to follow her selfish goal. Honestly, it’s been a big question to me when Magdalo group surfaced years ago and I thought it was nothing. For me, they were just following their own sentiments and nothing else, but when I saw the things they have shared years ago and it was shown on TV like the unexplainable possession of many firearms, I think it must be investigated. Many men were put into jail because of their actions and I’m really sorry that they are treated that way even if they told us the whole truth. I am afraid that the land I’m living is only for the rich and powerful and I wish it is not. Let us be vigilant on what we say especially on things we really do not know. The whole story is what we need and not the partial news that is shown on TV and that we begin to question if they are doing is right or wrong.

Being compassionate is not the problem, the only thing we should learn is know how to show the right way.

Raffy’s 4th Birthday

November 17th, 2011


It was Raffy’s birthday yesterday and was surprised that she wore an Aurora kind of outfit. As my sister told me last night, she wanted another theme different from last year. This time she wanted to be like the famous sleeping beauty. Raffy’s attitude seems picky these days. I guess most kids dream to be grown-us and wanted things like I have. She asked me if I could buy her a cell phone, lipstick and gowns for the next party. I just told her that some things are not good for kids and assure her as well that in time she will have the things she hopes for when she will be a lady someday. She just nod at me and leave me to be with her playmates.


Lowering my Cholesterol Level

November 15th, 2011

My journey in attaining a lower cholesterol level again is not that easy. After I received my medical result last year, was a beginning that I need to change my lifestyle. I admit that sometimes I indulge myself on food that was so unhealthy, but good thing I still manage to counter all of them by eating vegetables and fish dishes. Moreover, I also take oatmeal in the morning and sometimes in the evening because I was advice before that it will help lower my problem as well. However, buddy cannot follow eating oatmeal with me because he has a high-level of uric acid so he should follow a low in purine diet like eating cereals that comes from refined grain for example.

Yesterday was the happiest moment in my life. Comparing my old results and this year’s results, it shows a remarkable decrease on my chart. It pays all my sacrifices this year and wanted to continue so as to have a healthy chart every year. :)

Anticipated Bout

November 10th, 2011


Well, no one will ever miss this fight this coming Sunday. In fact, on the eve of this event, supporters of these two famous boxers will watch the story behind their training and wanted to know their own strategies to win the title. Honestly, it would be a tough fight knowing that each of them has an advantage. Their previous fight shows how strong Morales is and I saw Pacman struggle to win. According to some, Pacman will win this match because he has the body and strength to face his opponent now. My office mates are now placing bets and confident that our idol will win. Buddy on the other hand paid a pay-per-view subscription because he knows that this would a historical sports event for both fighters. Good luck!


pic from google

Stereotyping Traitors

October 26th, 2011

I had another heart to heart talk with buddy last night. We talked about a person who tried ruining his reputation. Well, I met this woman and all I can say that she is very nice in front of us and I have no idea to give a bad mouth against her. Days passed, I saw buddy gets irritated until he shared to me the recent situation with her. She tried insulting buddy in front of the investor as if she knows everything. Well for information she is just a Chinese interpreter and serves as a liaison to the investor. According to buddy, she just wanted a share and thinks that buddy wanted to rule the company so that is why she tried making stories until buddy gave her a chance to run some things. Unfortunately, she failed and ask buddy to iron it out. Buddy flamed instantly and texted the investor that if the woman will serve the business he is now working, he will not likely serve. She received insulted messages from my boy friend who bring her to tears and now she tries to win buddy’s trust again. If she only knew how nice my buddy is to everybody, I’m sure she will have a nice position, but now I am not sure.

I grew up stereotyping races. I really fear Muslims because they are well-known traitors in the land. I admit that I easily trust somebody, but when it comes to them there is a feeling of resistance. Maybe because, I heard them from my friends and read it through newspapers that they are like that. I was really warned not to befriend them. There is really a feeling that I don’t like them until one office mate of mine, who is a pure Muslim, talked to me about traitors. She told me that all races have traitors not only Muslims. She admits that most of them cannot be trusted, but in this new generation all cannot be trusted anymore. As buddy sharing his mishap recently, I realized my Muslim friend is right. Not only Muslims are traitors, but Christians too. The only thing that we should be aware of is to give ourselves reservations and not to trust immediately. Trusting someone instantly will likely nearing our downfall.


October 18th, 2011

It will be 78 days to go before the big day and I am busy with checking my suppliers already. Whew. Honestly, it is not easy especially if I am bound to choose the things within our budget. The plan of having it in a clubhouse will not push through because we wanted to let the hotel do it for us. I am confused already of what things needed if we decided to do it in a place where we are the one who will put the sound system, decoration, tables and chairs etc., for us, it will be helpful if the hotel will help us with it.

The entourage dresses and make-up will be handled by my maid-of-honor’s friend. Actually, it was a blessing in disguise when I met her last Saturday. She gave me an affordable offer and promises me that she will help us as well. On the other hand, my giveaways will come from Manila. My friend offered to order the things needed so I will not worry. For the rings, we already chose what we really wanted. It is nice and very affordable. Buddy and I are very happy about the accomplishments we had last week.

Houseviewing Outcome

October 13th, 2011


It was buddy who initiated first to make a plan for our floor arrangement at Deca. He was in the middle of their weekly meeting and he tried the picture above. He sent it to me through Skype and I edited some of it. We cannot fake our excitement to design our new house, right? Well, I guess this is normal and we are not crazy already. Gladly, buddy approved my revised plan and he told me that we will follow the one that I made below. (LOL) :D :D


Farting Confessions

October 11th, 2011

I always fart, but I really make sure that there no people around me because sometimes it smells bad. I hate people who will always fart in public without thinking they may feel other people bad. Honestly, I easily vomit whenever I don’t feel the taste and smell. Call me a lot of airs, but I am just being true to myself. I don’t find it ethical as well. I just want people to know that they must respect other’s feeling.

I grew up that my mom and grandma always do that. They will complain to me that they can’t control it and if they would they will probably die than find a way to do it away from us. Well, I don’t find it yucky because I haven’t smelled something bad, but still the sound irritates me a lot. I have also one friend who use to fart and has a foul smell always. I always display my displeasure of what she is doing and would not allow my future children to be with her because she is not really a good example. It really sounds funny behaving like this, right? I just want to be smelled with good scent than a foul odor and for me there is nothing wrong about that. I am just complaining about people who always do it habitually and nothing more. This is me.

Flood No More

October 8th, 2011

We experienced heavy rain yesterday and buddy was forced to picture me after office. The worst part is that whenever we decided to find an easy way, traffic jam was there to welcome us. Good thing Toyota Hilux helped us crossed the flood streets. I realized that big cars should be an option if you want to stay in Davao. I’ve seen many small cars struggling not to lose their engine power if flooding occurs.


Anyway, Davao is still blessed. Flood never stayed for long hours unlike other places here in the Philippines. We dropped by at NCCC to watch “Zookeeper” and after that we went home with no traffic and flood on the streets. Thank you, God.


photo from google